5 Best Tips for Cruise Ship Spa Savings in 2023

Cruise Ship Spa Savings

Whenever we think of a vacation on a cruise ship we think of luxury, relaxation, fun and entertainment. There are several cruise lines that offer amazing vacation experiences and travel to several exciting places in the world. There are a number of packages available while booking a cruise, from which we can select options for dining, entertainment, relaxation, shore excursions, and more.

Cruise ship spa is an excellent spot to have some time off while you rejuvenate after a long tiring day on the ship or the shore excursion. If your main goal for your holiday is to relax then a spa is the appropriate spot for you where you can paper all your senses. Spas on the cruise ship can vary depending on the size, price and the luxury services on offer. They can be pricey at times, but there are several things you can do to save money.

Top 5  Ways to Savings Cruise Ship Spa Services

Since relaxation is a very crucial aspect of any vacation, below are the 5 best tips for cruise ship spa savings that you should know.

1. Pre-pay for spa services

Pre paying for your spa treatments on embarkation day can save you a lot of money and you can avail several discounts as well as offers. Because there is so much going on on the cruise ship with best spas– from getting settled to finding your way about the ship to unpacking, the spas usually offer more open appointments. By booking spa treatments and prepaying will get you a discount. If you do not prepay for the spa treatments, you will have to pay for each session separately, which can be costly as well as hectic.

2. Don’t go for the hard sell

One of the best ways to save money in a carnival cruise ship spa is to avoid the hard sell, where you will be cajoled into buying spa treatment products. Through this tactic they will make you pay more for buying unnecessary products. If you buy them and later realize they are not needed then you will regret your expenses. The best course of action is to specify on your form that you are not interested in buying the products in order to avoid such situations. This method works in most of the situations where you can avoid unnecessary expenditure.

3. Enter the spa raffles

Cruise lines provide the tour of the cruise ships to its guests on embarkation day which also includes the spa. While moving around the ship you will be offered a spa raffle where you get the chance to win free sessions of spa treatments that include facial, body massage, acupuncture and more. Even if you don’t win free spa treatments, crew members will offer certain discounts by which money can be saved. Keep a copy of the fine print to show the spa receptionist that you have booked a free spa treatment.

4. Book on port days

Booking a spa treatment on port days when a cruise ship is in docks, is one of the most amazing tips for cruise ship spa savings. In most of the situations during port days few people use the spa, due to low demand the booking prices are generally low and few discounts are also offered. By knowing about this in advance you will surely be able to plan accordingly and take advantage of exciting deals while saving a significant amount of money.

5. Attend the seminars

There are several seminars organized in the cruise ship and one of which is related to the spa treatments. You may learn about the various spa services and products at these seminars, and you can also take advantage of discounts offered. You can learn a lot from these seminars, and you can also save a lot of money by getting special deals on spa services.


Cruise trips are surely fascinating as they are filled with several entertaining things such as live shows, fun activities, shore excursions and more. The best way to enjoy your vacation is to relax, for which the spa is the perfect place. Spa treatment can often be expensive, however by knowing certain tips you can save your money and grab exciting deals.

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