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Mediterranean destinations such as Monaco are popular all year long. The most ideal time to visit Monaco is during the summer, as well as during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The end of January through the end of March or early April is less popular, as is early October until the end of December. It is generally quiet through April and July, and pleasant weather is likely to prevail from mid-September to early October.
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With its brisk temperature, the Arctic Circle offers many exciting adventures. The northern lights, the region’s wildlife, and its ecosystem and history all add to the magic of this place. Be sure to carry your binoculars when sailing the Arctic Circle for an opportunity to observe wildlife, a botanic garden with fauna from the region, and stunning views of valleys, glaciers, and snow-capped mountains. Enjoy the majestic birds, majestic whales, bear island, and stunning Arctic landscapes in this place.

British, Isles


British Isles

Experience the wild beauty of the British Isles on a cruise vacation. The region offers a wide array of cultural attractions, historic sites, as well as wildlife sanctuaries that will pique the curiosity of fellow cruisers. Expedition cruises offer the opportunity to explore places off the beaten path in places such as the Scottish Hebrides or Cornwall’s fishing villages and sandy coves.

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As with our first cruise with Celebrity Cruises, we received the same great service. There was excellent entertainment and activities, as well as excellent service from the staff. My dinner on the Celebrity Cruise was fantastic, as usual.
Phil J
There are lots of entertainment options onboard MSC Cruises and the service is very fast in the main restaurant. The trip was amazing, and we would love to do it again with family and friends next year.
Dana G